Monday, July 16, 2018

"One Day" workers documentary opens

A documentary created by the Sverdlovsk Film Studio and filmed in Yekaterinburg called "One Day" focusing on the labor movement and the workers as part of the enterprise Uralvagonzavod recently debuted.

Uralvagonzavod is an initiative that concerns the workers movement that supports the stability of the country and has organized events such as a rally in support of Vladimir Putin, BakuToday reports.

Mikhail Churbanov, the director of the film, said that his heroes were the ordinary workers, not because of actively participating in political rallies, but for choosing to affect their future and their country's future by making a public symbol of their citizenship. The film focuses on one day in the lives of these ordinary people, their real lives in factories and outside, of work and the importance of the current and future state of affairs of the country.

"It's just a documentary on a topical theme," Churbanov said, according to BakuToday. "In fact, such is life. And we have tried to show it to you."

According to Churbanov, reception to the film during a January 28 showing at a Yekaterinburg station square was positive. Andrey Tyumentsev, the director of photography for the film, said that the film was not made for a particular political agenda, but to show who these people were in reality.

"We were (selecting) completely random people (as opposed to) anyone specifically selected," Tyumentsev said, according to BakuToday. "First, under the influence of information from the Internet, I thought that people would blame the power but this prediction has not come."

Churbanov and Tyumentsev said that the film could become a tool for career guidance for students to alleviate preconceptions about workers and the factory profession.