Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg vying for "Most Comfortable City" award

Yekaterinburg will take part in the all-Russian competition for the title of Most Comfortable City of Russia.

Alexander Jacob, the city manager of Yekaterinburg, made the decision to enter the competition. City hall officials will now need to create an application for participation in which they must demonstrate the ability of the city to be comfortable in multiple areas of urban life, Mir96.ru reports.

The winning city will receive a hefty cash reward.

"During the competition the jury considers the work of the municipality in areas such as recycling of solid waste, the presence and the technical condition of critical infrastructure, development hotel business, architectural and compositional perfection and artistic expression of urban development, the state of public transport services and so on," Yekaterinburg officials said, according to Mir96.ru.

The due date for the application is March 1.

If Yekaterinburg is declared the winner, city officials have already promised that 90 percent of the prize money will be used to further the development of housing and to improve the livability of the city.

"Another 10 percent will go to the awarding of those organizations that have achieved the best results in the improvement of the municipal territory," Yekaterinburg officials said, according to Mir96.ru.