Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg parents unhappy with school lunch quality

Parents in Yekaterinburg are unhappy with the quality of their children's school lunches.

The reason for the decline in quality may have to do with spending on the food, which is now being determined by an electronic auction, reports.

These auctions were held in Yekaterinburg late last year and caused a public outcry and a series of publications in the media. In the Kirov district of Yekaterinburg, the maximum price a municipal contract for school meals fell nearly 38 percent, from $6.7 million to $4.2 million.

Along with the cost of the food, there is deterioration in the nutritional quality of the food and portions have decreased. Burgers used to weigh 80 grams and now weigh 40 grams, and the weight of toast and goulash comes to 25 grams, according to

Directors of educational institutions have not commented on the price and quality of the school meals.