Saturday, September 22, 2018

Yekaterinburg first grade defeats grandmaster Anatoly Wasserman

During the Moscow television program Children Against Adults, which filmed last week, Yekaterinburg first grader Mark Cherry defeated grandmaster Anatoly Wasserman.

The program will be aired on the STS channel in the spring. The show is a talent contest for children and adults. Marc's talent was his incredible memory, Regional Newspaper reports.

Cherry gained acclaim for his appearance on the Channel One show Minute of Fame, during which he solved mathematical problems in his head faster than the members of the jury could with a calculator. Cherry said he didn't know who Wasserman was and that he's not particularly interested in television.

"We (like) Anatoly Wasserman, did not even have a chance to respond," Natalie Cherry, Mark's mother, said, according to Regional Newspaper. "Only the question sounded like Mark pulled his hand, gave full answers to their questions and supplemented Wasserman."

Cherry defeated Wasserman in a question about the location of a heart in the body of an octopus. While Wasserman guessed that the heart was in the head of the sea creature, Cherry correctly answered that an octopus actually has three hearts, one in a body cavity and the others in the gills. Other questions had to do with whether a panda is a bear or a raccoon and which internal organ is like an alien head with horns.

Cherry enjoyed the ability to walk in Moscow with his mother, but he is excited to return to Yekaterinburg for school when the cold weather subsides and he's able to return home.