Saturday, July 21, 2018

Operation Pedestrian aims to curb pedestrian deaths

Traffic police in Yekaterinburg began Operation Pedestrian on Wednesday in an effort to reduce the high number of traffic accidents caused by pedestrians in the city.

In January, there were 91 road traffic accidents reported in the city of Yekaterinburg causing 15 fatalities and 124 injuries. Pedestrians were found to be at fault for 29 of those accidents, killing four of them and injuring 25, JustMedia reports.

Eighteen of the accidents resulted from pedestrians crossing the road at an unmarked location, which led to three deaths and 15 injuries. Six accidents occurred as a result of pedestrians disobeying traffic signals, resulting in one death and five injuries. There were three accidents that resulted because of an unexpected exit from a vehicle, which resulted in three injuries.

During Operation Pedestrian, police officers will pay particular attention to children and pedestrians and will give them facts about the most effective way to cross roadways without endangering themselves and the lives of drivers. The officers will also educate pedestrians about safety, particularly when under the influence of alcohol, according to JustMedia.

Police officers, personnel and integrated police forces will closely monitor the places where the most frequent pedestrian-related accidents occur. The event will continue through Sunday.