Friday, July 20, 2018

Artem wins India Poker Championship in Goa

Yekaterinburg native Zopunnyan Artem has won the INR 25,000 Big Game Main Event at the India Poker Championship in Goa, held from Feb. 3 through Feb. 5.

During the final hand of the Big Game, Indian pro Jasven Saigal and Artem preflopped to see a queen of spades, queen of diamonds and a three of hearts. Saigal made the pot 16,000 with a flatcall from Artem, reports.

An ace of clubs was revealed on the turn, which prompted Saigal to put out 35,000, which then forced Artem to go all-in. Artem showed an ace of spades and a queen of hearts for a full house, while Saigal had a queen of clubs and an eight of diamonds for the trip queens on the flop..

The river card was a jack of clubs, which cemented Artem as the Big Game champion, according to

Artem was in Goa for a "casino and poker trip" in order to explore the poker scene of the area, along with friend and fellow poker player Sergey Federov. Artem will be returning home from his trip with earnings of approximately $9,000.