Friday, June 22, 2018

Chkalovskaya subway station to open in June

According to the head of the Transportation and Environment Administration of Yekaterinburg, the Chkalovskaya subway station in Yekaterinburg will open in June.

Eugene Lipovich made the announcement this week on the television show Open Studio Yekaterinburg after city officials had previously postponed the opening of the station twice. It was originally supposed to open in March and then May, IPA reports.

"We expect to be commissioned in June this year," Lipovich said, according to IPA. "This is mainly due to the fact that the resurfacing work to be executed at the start of the station should be done in the summer (not the) winter. Although the escalators have already been received, you can begin to mount. But, fearing violation of waterproofing, flooding in the spring, they decided after all not to rush, and in June-July to run this station, when able to do resurfacing work."

Lipovich appeared on the same program in October, discussing issues related to parking, roads and entry into the city center of Yekaterinburg, reports. At the time, he said that the city must make public transportation a priority to reduce traffic and to allow citizens to travel using bus, trolley, subway, trams and taxis. He said that Yekaterinburg has looked at the experience of other cities like New York and Singapore and that all of the cities eventually came to the decision to encourage the use of public transportation.