Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk region to receive $404 million for road construction

The Federal Highway Agency of Russia is picking up steam in its road building and upgrading program as it plans to bring more than 85 percent of federal roads into code with road traffic regulations.

Included in investments planned for regional road funds, the Sverdlovsk Region will see an increase in construction funds from $322 million in 2012 to $404 million by 2014, ITS International reports.

The Federal Highway Agency has increased the construction of roads in rural areas by establishing road funds. It built more than 500 kilometers of roads in 2011.

The government of Russia plans to put aside close to $198 million to construct important roads this year. The agency has made upgrading roads a major priority. As part of the endeavor, road bearing capacity will be improved and the agency anticipates being able to repair 8,000 to 9,000 kilometers of roads each year, according to ITS International.

Every federal district is creating a federal testing center to test materials and to improve road performance. The annual road construction budget will rise from $23.07 billion to $32.96 billion through road funds and increased fuel taxes.

Other regions experiencing increases in allocated road funds are the Volgograd Region from $33 million to $215 million and the Pskov Region from $66 million in 2012 to $115 million in 2014.