Friday, June 22, 2018

Water quality remains top complaint in Yekaterinburg

Residents in Yekaterinburg are continuing to complain about the poor quality of their hot tap water.

The water is yellow in color and has a foul odor, and some residents are even receiving medical treatment for rashes that have come from bathing in the water, reports.

Complaints about the hot water in Yekaterinburg are a year-round occurrence, with hot water complaints reaching third on the list of complaints of violations of sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

There are two methods for heating water in the region. The first is the use of individual heating units or a central heating unit that's connected to several houses. The second, and the most popular and cheapest method, is to heat the source water. This method creates a higher iron content, which creates a reddish plaque on the bathroom and sometimes a strange odor, according to

The dermatologist hospital in Yekaterinburg said that the number of patients complaining of a bad skin condition caused by poor quality water has increased this winter.

"Contaminated water causes severe damage to health, even if it is not used inside, and is used for, say, taking a bath," an official said, according to "Not only is the water chlorinated, it has many other harmful contaminants. As long as you take a shower or bath dirty water enters the body through the skin and the respiratory system, causing allergies, in some cases, even asthma. So I advise you to set filters, and, of course, do not drink the water."