Sunday, June 24, 2018

Yekaterinburg tourists stranded in India

Ten Yekaterinburg tourists are currently stranded in Indian state of Goa.

The tourists were scheduled to return to the Yekaterinburg region on Sunday, Feb. 5, but were unable to leave due to an error by the tour operator for Carper Travel. The operator brought the tourists to the airport after the plane had departed, reports.

After missing the flight, the tourists tried but were unable to contact the Russian consulate and Yekaterinburg Mission Labyrinth, the host partner. Rostourism soon intervened to help mediate the problem.

Initially, the tourists were lodged in a two star hotel provided for them by Carper Travel, but they were having a problem getting food. They were later upgraded to a four star hotel and were promised a free tour, according to

The tourists, who are in regular contact with Rostourism and Labyrinth, are expected to return to Yekaterinburg on Thursday, Feb. 9, or Friday, Feb. 10.