Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thick ice causing fish kills

Thick ice on the rivers and lakes in the Sverdlovsk region is suffocating the fish, according to recently released reports.

The ice is not permitting light to come through the water, which allows the water to freeze to the bottom in the shallows. The lack of air is choking and killing multiple fish, which have been popping up on the ice through a hole, reports.

The areas where this problem is of particular concern are the Beloyarsky reservoirs, rivers and other areas in the Bisert Middle Urals, representatives of the Russian Federation State Committee for Fisheries said.

To try and remedy the problem, experts, employees of fisheries and fisherman are drilling holes and trying to save the fish. Additionally, experts are using aerators that pump air into the lower layers of water, according to

In some areas, however, fish are unable to be saved and massive fish kills are happening. Due to the lack of oxygen, fish are swimming into people's nets, especially in an area where a river runs through the village of Pine Bor.

People in the areas where the ice is thick are celebrating the ice's presence. Locals are going on the ice and extracting the fish, especially perch, pike, molts, rudd and eel.