Monday, June 18, 2018

Ural Youth Symphony Orchestra launches fundraising campaign

The Ural Youth Symphony Orchestra has launched a campaign to collect approximately $33,000 in order to participate in the Young Euro Classic in Berlin.

The orchestra is led by Maestro Enkhe, who spoke with representatives of Young Euro Classic Eurasia during the International Music Festival held in September in Yekaterinburg, according to

Fundraising efforts are already underway, with the Philharmonic Ladies Club contributing approximately $1,700. A charity concert and other events are also being planned.

The Ural Youth Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.

The Young Euro Classic is considered to be the world's premiere festival for symphonic youth orchestras. The 17 day festival, which has been held in Berlin for 12 years, features youth orchestras from Europe and the rest of the world, and more than 25,000 guests annually visit.

The 2012 festival will feature its normal premier performances and commissioned compositions, as well dance for the first time.