Sunday, June 17, 2018

AlterGeo opens Yekaterinburg office

AlterGeo, the largest geosocial service in the CIS countries and Russia, has opened a representative office in Yekaterinburg.

The company, which has opened other offices in Novosibirsk, Kiev and St. Petersburg, has made an active regional expansion in an effort to engage a growing number of service users. In addition, the Yekaterinburg office will attempt to increase the company's number of business partners and develop the local databases, reports.

"Yekaterinburg is a modern metropolitan city," Evgeny Agronik, the commercial director of AlterGeo, said, according to "Among its residents there is a large number of active young people, users of mobile applications, and AlterGeo has something to offer them. Using our mobile service they can get to know the city from the new side, discover interesting places, take part in fun AlterGeo campaigns in local cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers."

AlterGeo is a next generation Internet service that allows people to quickly find new interesting places and tag themselves in them, post photos and feedback, meet new people and talk to friends. The service also allows users to receive discounts and other bonuses.

"One of the sides of our service is partnership with venues, various local businesses," Aleksander Dorzhiyev, the director for development of AlterGeo, said, according to "While in Moscow we have a few hundreds of partners that give our users discounts and bonuses, in other cities a large bulk of job has yet to be done. We are working on the situation, and have already opened representative offices in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Kiev. As yet, we are focusing on Russian-speaking users in Yekaterinburg."

AlterGeo also acts as a marketing instrument for multiple venues like hairdressers, restaurants and cafes. The service is available through the company's website and free mobile applications. AlterGeo's main competitor is the American social network