Saturday, June 16, 2018

Round log and sawn timber exports may be reduced in Sverdlovsk region

The World Trade Organization's export of round logs and sawn timber from the Sverdlovsk region may be reduced in 2012.

In 2011, exports reached a total of $241 million, but the supply of timber and lumber shipped abroad may be reduced in the near future due to Russia's appointment to the WTO, or the new and higher requirements for the supply of forest products in western markets due to entry, according to the Urals Union of Timber.

Western purchasers of Russian timber want to know the origin of the products and whether it was stolen, cut down legally or if it is the product of black fellers. International certificates protect against this, reports.

"Even if you are currently logging enterprises, forestry companies will want to pass it, they will not work," Mary Queen, the director of Yekaterinburg enterprise Rostehsert, said, according to "Because at first they will have to meet certain requirements ... And it's a whole range of activities. To achieve them will require at least a year. And maybe more. Thus, the supply of timber for export, companies may have problems."

Additionally, gaining a certificate is no longer as simple as just asking and receiving. Without certification, foreign companies do not want to enter into contracts for the supply of lumber, while buying wood of unknown origin may result in severe punishment.