Saturday, June 16, 2018

Display on school cheating educates Yekaterinburg teachers

More 50 objects related to cheating in schools are on display at a trade center in Yekaterinburg to give school teachers and professors the information they need to successfully stop students from cheating.

The display shows cheat sheets that students and schoolchildren successfully used to cheat. While mobile phones and iPads are the newest devices used for cheating, traditional handwritten pleat-shaped cheat sheets continue to remain popular, the Voice of Russia reports.

"Once schoolchildren made a present to their teacher - a set of nesting dolls," Ivan Kolotovkin, one of the exhibition's organizers, said, according to the Voice of Russia. "This teacher always asked his schoolchildren to empty their pockets so that he could see whether they had cheat sheets or not. That is why the children found a clever way of cheating. They began to put their cheat sheets into the nesting dolls, and took them out of their pockets when they needed help."

Another method involves an invisible cheat sheet in which text is transferred to transparent tape, allowing girls to hide cheat sheets under stick-on nails.

More than 1,000 cheat sheets created by children from different countries throughout the world over the last century can be found on display at the Frankfurt Museum of Communications. One unusual case involved a German schoolboy who used a Fanta drink label as a cheat sheet that would only reveal certain key words when a small amount of the soft drink would spill onto parts of the label.