Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ice Storm 2012 kicks off Feb. 5

The "Ice Storm 2012" winter festival will be held in Yekaterinburg on Feb. 5.

The annual festival will feature various competitions, including ice climbing and weight-wrestling in the Ice Town Square and ice fishing at the City pond, as well as other fishing contests and test-driving of off-road equipment, according to

Organizers also said that there will be a competition among wheelchair sled dogs on the Olympic system shootout.

Festival policy states that all contestants must comply with competition rules and security requirements while participating, as well as avoid using doping drugs or other illegal methods, adhere to ethical standards in sport and follow the requirements of all regulations put in place by the organizers of the event, reports.

The purpose of the Ice Storm 2012 festival is to promote sports tourism, mountaineering, rock climbing, sport fishing and adventure sports in the Urals, as well as to support the people who helped developed the Sverdlovsk region, identify promising athletes and encourage healthy lifestyles and active recreation for young people.