Thursday, June 21, 2018

Two Yekaterinburg schoolgirls admit to kidnapping hoax

Two school girls in Yekaterinburg have admitted to authorities that their kidnapping story was fabricated.

According to the press service of the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Sverdlovsk Oblast, the girls, ages 10 and 11, decided to visit the Auchan retail store after school, Mir 66 reports.

The girls soon realized that it was late and they would get in trouble with their parents. The girls then visited the park on Chkalov Street and took transportation home, concocting a story about kidnappers to avoid punishment.

The girls are now said to be repentant and asking for forgiveness from their parents.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Ekaterinburg is not considering fraud charges against the girls at this time, according to Mir66.

Police are urging parents to closely monitor their children and are stressing that the reporting of a non-existent crime is a waste of police time and resources.