Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Defamation suit filed against Zhirinovsky for slur

A businessman in Perm filed a defamation suit against presidential candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky for calling citizens of the Urals region "retarded."

Zhirinovsky, who will compete against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and several other candidates in the March 4 presidential elections, is heard in a video using the derogatory remark against the population where Perm is located during a talk show on the Sovershenno Sekretno satellite channel, En.Rian.ru reports.

In the video, Zhirinovsky says ""Urals! It has a stupid population. It's the land of the retarded. From Perm to Yekaterinburg, a retarded population. It might be healthy but take their intelligence - they're dumb."

Zhirinovsky's comment was part of his observation for what he perceived as the "stupidity" of late President Boris Yeltsin, according to En.Rian.ru. Zhirinovsky also said that the alleged intellectual problems of the Urals population maybe attributed to a "magnetic field" created by the rare metals that abound in the mountains.

The businessman, Alexei Reutov, is seeking approximately $2,000 in damages from Zhirinovsky and the same sum from the regional branch of the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily newspaper for carrying the video this month.

Zhirinovsky has yet to comment on the allegations, though spokesman Yury Ryzhov called the video a fake.