Monday, June 18, 2018

Left turn into the Mega shopping center re-opened

The left turn to the Mega shopping center in Novomoskovsk tract in Yekaterinburg has re-opened.

According to Mir66, the regional department of traffic police closed the left turn to shopping on the streets of Metallurgists due to multiple accidents, including 47 accidents in 2011 that saw three people injured.

"Next week an administration meeting will be held in Yekaterinburg, which will be attended by relevant departments," the Department of Traffic Police said in a statement, according to Mir66. "It is planned to consider a range of issues to enable the safe and uninterrupted movement of vehicles in the area of the shopping center. In particular widening of the carriageway of the local map at the shopping center Mega, the elimination of a reversal in the 352nd kilometer Novomoskovsk tract and changes in the organization of vehicular movement on the territory of the shopping center. There will also be [a discussion] about the timing of the above projects."

The left turn was made temporary during the design and construction of the interchange of Metallurgists and Park.

In November, the bridge opened, but builders needed more time to repair deficiencies that were revealed in the organization of the movement of freight and public transport across the bridge, which did not close the left turn.

When all work on the bridge was completed, traffic police issued an order to eliminate the left turn and establish a barrier fence in its place.