Friday, August 17, 2018

Temporary vehicle stamps may be introduced in the Middle Urals

The government of the Sverdlovsk region has enacted new rules to solve a temporary shortage problem of stamps used for vehicle inspection that may include the introduction of temporary passes in the Middle Urals.

Alexander Petrov, the deputy prime minister of science and industry, held a meeting about the passage of the rules. In the meeting, it was noted that the Russian Union of Motor Insurers has accredited the 80 points of the tool used for inspection, which has previously worked for traffic police. The right to issue stamps after inspection has not yet been received, JustMedia reports.

"Today, the order of passing inspection is simplified: the number of parameters used to check the car dropped," Petrov said, according to JustMedia. "That is purely arithmetically, if you miss the station earlier in the day, 120 cars, and now must pass at least 200."

In the Middle Urals and the entire country, there is still a lack of inspection stamps that are transmitted from servicing traffic police stations. The number of service items requiring inspection in the first quarter of 2012 appears to be much more than the amount of coupons that will be issued. Petrov recommended the use of temporary passes until the deficit of coupons is dealt with.