Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sverdlovenergosbyt customers receiving new bills

Sverdlovenergosbyt customers have begun receiving new electricity bills since the beginning of the new year.

"On receipt of the voucher will be unified form for entering data on the volume of individual consumption of electricity," a Sverdlovenergosbyt representative said, Mir66 reports. "In addition to the table, which will initially be placed number metering device the consumer, on the detachable part of the receipt located barcode, allowing the operator to instantly identify the account of a citizen. Client will need to put only the date, signature, enter data in specific fields and lower detachable part of the receipts in a box to collect evidence."

In addition, all Sverdlovenergosbyt who made their full payments for electricity after December 25 will see their payment history for both November and December despite the changeover to the new billing system.

"Do not worry: all the information about payment is stored in a database of Sverdlovenergosbyt and will be reflected in the receipts for January, which will be delivered in February," the representative said, according to Mir66.