Thursday, September 20, 2018

Real estate investors demand resignations from Kritsky, Gredin

Real estate investors in the Sverdlovsk region have created a motion demanding the resignation of Vladimir Kritsky and Anatoly Gredin.

Shareholders attacked Kritsky, the vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg, on capital construction and land use, and Gredin, the chairman of the Government of Sverdlovsk Region, for not providing help to the defrauded real estate investors, Mir66 reports.

"They do nothing to solve our problems, of which we hear only empty promises," Anna Krindach, the chairman of the motion, said, according to Mir66. "Now in Ekaterinburg alone there are about 60 homes unfinished. Officials say that at all stages are completed, but in fact the opposite - unfinished break down, freeze out the heating system, looters pilfered building materials. The situation is exacerbated by the day, but officials do nothing."

Krindach says the investors will hold a rally on Jan. 28 on construction sites throughout the region. At the rallies, placards will be assembled calling for the resignation of Kritsky and Gredin.

Additionally, pictures of unfinished homes will be taken and sent with a letter to Viktor Basargin, the minister for regional development.