Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Yekaterinburg to study feasibility of electric buses

Eugene Lipovich, the deputy mayor of Yekaterinburg on Public Works, Transport and Environment, warned that a number of bus routes in Yekaterinburg still use buses with Euro-0 and Euro-1 units that are not economical and bad for the environment.

Lipovich said that even with the best filters installed, the buses were still producing harmful emissions because of their internal combustion engines. Lipovich said the problem was independent of the buses fuel, including gasoline or diesel engines, E1.ru reports.

Instead, Lipovich said, the situation should be remedied by using eletrobusah, which are less noisy and do not pollute. The electric buses are also cheaper than those that depend on gasoline or diesel because the cost of electricity is significantly lower than those fuels.

Lipovich strongly urged the city administration to make the transition from internal combustion engine buses to electric transportation, saying that it would lead to an overall reduction of costs for maintenance and that it would improve the city's environment.

"Today is the first time we seriously discussed the transition to electric transportation," the deputy head of the city administration said, E1.ru reports. "Of course, developing an ideology of public transport pneumatic, it is necessary to get acquainted with current international practice, to avoid false steps. Today was only the first step in this direction, and now the work will gain momentum. Already in March, we expect to adopt a program of fleet renewal of public transport pneumatic."

Experts will study the feasibility of the electric buses this month.