Friday, June 22, 2018

Fake ruble notes found in Revda

Fake 5,00 and 1,000 ruble notes have begun appearing in Revda, with two of the notes found at the UBRD bank and a store in Gorky.

Detective of economic security and anti-corruption Revdinskogo IMO Nargiza Bogdanov said that the fake bills are possible to distinguish from real bills, calling the fake notes crude forgeries, Mir66 reports.

Nargiza Nurovna said that one of the first signs that a 5,000 ruble note is fake is if the perforations are visibly uneven or rough to the touch, according to Mir66.

The counterfeit notes are also paler than real one and the silver streak embedded in the strip is not illuminated. Additionally, the label for the blind is not detectable on the fake notes.

Nurovna said that if a bill is believed to be fake, the easiest way to determine if it is is to compare it to a different note.

As a result of increased spending during the holiday season, authorities believe that those behind the notes were attempting to dump counterfeit 1,000 and 5,000 ruble notes. They urged citizens and employees to be on the lookout for the bills.

Fake denominations of 1,000 rubles may be numbered RP 9137524, RP 9137522, RP 913 750, OP 9,137,510, 9,161,500 OP, OP 9,137,505, 9,161,582 OP, LH 3,702,872, 9,102,586 OP, OP 9,161,539, 2,402,420 aM, aM 2402479, 2402418 aM, £ 2,744,328, 3,343,806 mh, bh 3737808, 3729818 LH , LH 3702858, 3729818 LH, RP 9161576, 2413476 un, m 2137538, Mir66 reports.