Saturday, June 23, 2018

Nikitin says Yekaterinburg kindergarten will be modernized

Forty projects have been approved by Russia's Agency of Strategic Initiatives, with 10 of the projects set to launch soon.

Director General of the Strategic Initiatives Agency Andrei Nikitin announced the projects during his meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in December, Itar-Tass reports.

The agency receives approximately 40 projects every week, Nikitin said.

"Now, about 70 projects answer the agency's criteria, and 40 of them are approved by the expert council," Nikitin said, according to Itar-Tass. "We have already worked out certain measures for ten of them, thus they will be able to start."

Nikitin also highlighted an interesting situation in the block of social initiatives.

"A huge amount of initiatives, related to organization of private kindergartens, with modernization of kindergarten buildings, and now one kindergarten in Yekaterinburg is being modernized," Nikitin said, adding that those leading projects and leading practices emerge in the regions where young mothers organize private kindergartens at their own initiatives, Itar-Tass reports. "We have analyzed the practice, and the supervisory committee will study system changes to organize a block of private kindergartens."

Nikitin also highlighted a project of Polymerteplo Company, which will be performed jointly with Vnesheconombank, Sberbank and the Ministry of Regional Development.

"This project will let us organise a financing scheme, where housing pipes will be replaced in spring, as opposed to autumn before the heating season, thus reducing energy losses in the housing sector," Nikitin said, Itar-Tass reports. "The scheme we are designing will be available for other companies, which are like this one."