Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sverdlovsk food prices rise 9 percent since January

Oblastnaya Gazeta recently reported food prices in the Sverdlovsk Region have risen by 9 percent since January and 109 percent since February 2014.

Michael Kopytova, the minister of food and agribusiness, said beef, mutton and kuru prices have not changed for three weeks. In contrast, white cabbage prices rose by 51 percent and carrots increased by 30 percent. Weekly trade in apples, sugar and tomatoes declined.

"In the ranking of the subjects of the Russian Federation on the maximum price increase in February 2015, Sverdlovsk Region occupies 41 seats out of 87,” Michael Kopytova said. “The first place belongs to the regions with the highest increase in prices. That is, we are in the middle.”

Experts have stated that this rate of increase for food is equal to Russia’s average increase of 109.1 percent.

"It's not a normal situation, when on products that we import our prices are among the lowest in the country, and forthe vegetables that we grow - an increase of 50 percent,” Russian Prime Minister Denis Pasler said. 

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