Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sverdlovsk fund leaders to meet with investors

According to a recent report from the Sverdlovsk Regional Entrepreneurship Support Fund, the organization’s investment agency will meet with its investors to discuss which projects need more funding.

By holding this meeting, the fund will establish a relationship with its private investors, receive their expert evaluation of various projects, and potentially accept future financial support

Established in July, the investment agency has worked with more than $5 million. The agency has collaborated with private investors, banks, federal development institutions, and regional investment funds for over 30 projects.

"Investment needs exceed the capacity of the enterprises of public funds, so you need to go to the private investors. In addition to the potential for fundraising, very valuable to hear the opinion of successful entrepreneurs who can tell the weaknesses of the project,” fund director Eugene Kopelyan said. “We are planning to organize a meeting of the club of investors on an ongoing basis.”

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