Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Landowners purchase seeds for spring planting

Landowners in Sverdlovsk recently purchased all their seeds for spring sowing, including grain, potatoes and leguminous crops.

Local officials said they plan to gather 645,000 tons of grain and leguminous crops, and 733,000 tons of potatoes this year. 

To ensure these outcomes, the Sverdlovsk region’s agricultural businesses needed 104,000 tons of seeds for legumes and cereals.

Farmers are still acquiring the 20,000 tons of fertilizer needed to grow their crops.

"Preparatory work for the spring field work is on schedule," Sergei Sharapov, the deputy minister of agribusiness and food in the Sverdlovsk region, said. "According to recent reports ...  from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, in the south of the country sowing began two weeks earlier. We also do not exclude that due to the good weather, the earth warms up and we can go into the field before the average date."