Thursday, July 12, 2018

UBRD organizes projects for orphanages

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) said Wednesday it is operating two novel social projects for orphanages as part of the bank’s “Children believe in miracles” program.

The projects are tailored to provide orphans with the proper psychological support they will need after departing the orphanage.

The project called Parrot promotes self-confidence among the orphans. In the program, psychologists visit to create a variety of situations in which the children must create a solution.

"Helping children left without parental care is an integral part of social policy” UBRD Head of Public Relations Semen Selivanov said. “Previously, it was important for us to update the material and technical base of children's homes: to equip computer classes and organize creative workshops. Having achieved significant results ... we decided to focus on issues related to psychological support and adaptation of the children ... to live, learn and enjoy every day.”