Monday, June 25, 2018

Continued decline of SARS cases in Sverdlovsk region

The number of SARS cases in the Sverdlovsk region continues to fall.

Cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome declined by 18.3 percent from the week of March 2 to 8, Oblastnaya Gazeta recently reported. In the past week, health professionals confirmed 28,100 SARS cases within the Sverdlovsk region.

Health officials said the outbreak has not reached epidemic proportions in any of the age groups. The epidemic threshold stands at 17 percent of the population.

The city of Yekaterinburg reported that there have been 9,900 SARS cases, which is a 12.1 percent drop from the week before. This is 6.7 percent below the epidemic threshold.

Last week, 30 schools and 48 kindergartens partially closed because of the SARS outbreak. An additional 10 schools and 10 kindergartens completely closed because of the illness.

Health professionals report that the number of pneumonia cases has also fallen well below the yearly average of 21 percent. There have only been 546 cases confirmed.