Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Uralvagonzavod employees will train at MEPhi

Technicians for Uralvagonzavod Corporation will receive computer programming training at MEPhi, a subsidiary of the National Research Nuclear University based in Lesnoy in the Sverdlovsk region, over the next two months. 

In addition to computer programming, the employees will learn how to operate HEIDENHAIN CNC PILOT 620-controlled mills, which the company is currently implementing. 

The company requires that all of the technicians take the training courses, which will amount to 72 hours of classes over two weeks in March and April. 

To receive a certificate of completion, the technicians must pass a test on modern, foreign-produced machines, computer programming, and other skills learned through lectures and hands-on practice. 

“Today’s engineer/technician must be able to do computer programming in order to be on a par with operators and programmers,” Alexei Vasilyev, chief technicians of Uralvagonzavod, said. “Our course is meant to minimize the risks as well as to solve the problem of operator and programmer shortage.”