Friday, December 15, 2017

1 million traffic violations recorded in Middle Urals

Traffic cameras throughout the Sverdlovsk region captured more than 1 million traffic violations on the roads throughout the Middle Urals in 2014.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Sverdlovsk region originally installed the cameras to improve traffic safety throughout the region.

Reports show that the traffic cameras have made a positive impact on Sverdlovsk drivers; drivers behave more responsibly in areas with traffic cameras.

Police collected approximately $9 million in fines for traffic violations recorded on the cameras.

The ministry will continue to monitor the traffic cameras and implement fines for the traffic violations already recorded.

Yekaterinburg has 13 cameras; UMMC has one; 20 are at Nizhny Tagil; and three are at level crossings.

Officials plan to appeal to private investors for the funds to install eight more traffic cameras in the UMMC, five in Kamensk-Uralsk and five in Serov.

Installing these systems will help police more accurately determine the solution for traffic situations on Sverdlovsk roads.

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