Friday, December 15, 2017

Sverdlovsk governor announces goals for local housing market

Sverdlovsk regional Governor Eugene Kuyvashev recently identified new goals for the local housing market that will take into account the federal housing for Russian families project. 

The Sverdlovsk region will continue to construct low-income housing in 2015. 

By 2017, the governor said the region will gain 425,000 square meters of housing for low-income individuals. The housing will be available at prices below the regular market value.

The coming year also will see improvements to housing for higher-income citizens. Land plots and individual housing with higher price tags will available, thanks to support from the state.

The government has already hired construction teams to build more than 29 million new homes by 2044. The construction teams will be using modern technologies that save on resources.

Kuyvashev also said the government has signed agreements with the JSC Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending and the Ministry of Construction of Russia.

Future plans also call for overhauling all apartment buildings in the region. 

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