Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Public say on schools can't be ignored, Sverdlovsk towns warned

A letter from Sverdlovsk region Minister of Education Yuri Biktuganov advised local municipal governments that residents must be allowed to view any reorganization or liquidation plans for schools.

The letter was addressed to the heads of municipalities in the Sverdlovsk region, and Biktuganov said city officials shouldn't forget about public opinion when it comes to the reorganization of a particular school. Biktuganov said local governments are in violation of federal law if they adopt changes to educational institutions that go against the opinion of students and parents.

Biktuganov called for leaders of municipalities to monitor the activities of municipal educational authorities, and for the need to implement the rights of citizens to participate in decisions made about educational organizations.

The letter was in response to complaints filed with the Ministry of Education of the Sverdlovsk region against educational municipalities filed in the towns of Ivdel and Verkhoturye in Russia.

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