Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ural College of Music hosting Sverdlovsk region's first area music competition

The Ural College of Music is hosting the Sverdlovsk region’s first open competition.

The contest, titled “Steps of Excellence,” runs from Nov. 3-8. There is no entry fee for the competition.

Competitors’ ages range from 11 to 19 years old. They and their instructors must be trained in academic instrumental music.

The organizers’ main goal is to discover and support musically talented youths.

This year’s competition is geared toward piano soloists, piano duets, chamber ensembles and various accompaniments. The competition schedule includes time for the musicians’ performances, as well as classes and performances by members of the jury panel.

Organizers already have planned the next three years of the contest, opening the competition to all instrumental disciplines. Traditional instruments will perform in 2015, wind instruments in 2016 and stringed instruments in 2017.

The Sverdlovsk region’s recently formed Ministry of Culture organized the event. Several groups -- including the Sverdlovsk government, the Ural College of Music, and the Ministry of Culture -- were involved in creating Ural Regional Center. It is the first and only center in Russia that is designated for youths who are gifted in music. The center holds many free programs for the musically inclined as well.

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