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Sverdlovsk region ranked sixth for government-entrepreneur relations

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The Sverdlovsk region was recently recognized as one of the top 10 leading areas for its good relations between local entrepreneurs and local government authorities. In the rating by the Russian Ministry of Economy and Development, Sverdlovsk region came in … Read More »

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Government of Sverdlovsk to be more involved in Public Chamber


Sverdlovsk Gov. Eugene Kuyvashev recently announced that the government of the Sverdlovsk region is to become more involved in the role of the Public Chamber, especially in municipalities and health care. Kuyvashev wants the Public Chamber to focus on all … Read More »

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Bahrain minister accepts invitation to INNOPROM 2015

Denis Manturov

Denis Manturov, head of Industry and Trade for Russia, invited representatives from Bahrain to INNOPROM 2015 during a meeting between the two countries on Sunday. During the meeting, Manturov and Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, Bahrain’s minister of industry and commerce, … Read More »

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UBRD shows improved business deposit rates


The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) has shown improved rates thanks to its new system for processing business deposits. UBRD now uses MosPrime for small business deposits. As of Tuesday, UBRD has processed approximately $8,000 U.S. worth of … Read More »

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Sverdlovsk musicians given honored artist awards


Three musicians from the Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of the Musical Comedy recently have been awarded the honorary title of the Honored Artist of the Republic of Crimea. The award was announced when Arina Novoselskaya, the minister of culture of … Read More »

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Sverdlovsk officials discuss financial solutions


In light of the ruble’s continued decline, Sverdlovsk Governor Eugene Kuyvashev met Tuesday with members of the region’s Legislative Assembly to discuss the financial highs and lows of 2014 and to plan for future trends. Financial challenges facing the region … Read More »

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Traditional mineral industries may bring economic boost to Sverdlovsk


Traditional mineralogy industries in the Sverdlovsk region are experiencing a revival and could bring billions into the local economy, Sverdlovsk Governor Eugene Kuyvashev said as he recently announced the Russian Stone 2015 international forum on minerals. Correspondence between Kuyvashev and Prime … Read More »

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Strategic transportation plan could bring changes to Sverdlovsk


The Sverdlovsk region is one of the first areas in Russia to implement strategic plans to develop transportation and economy. Authorities hope that thorough document of the strategy will define the standards for improving Russia’s road infrastructure, accessibility, safety, and … Read More »

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Yekaterinburg to host 2015 Victory Parade

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UBRD clients can link cards from other banks to website

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MGIMO hosts training event for CIS diplomats

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New substation opens to produce electricity

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Customers vote TMK best energy-pipe supplier

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Governor honors Sverdlovsk’s community leaders

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UrFU, Elsevier sign strategic partnership agreement

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UBRD adds payment terminals in Yekaterinburg

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Russian debt increases

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Sverdlovsk governor awards 18 best teachers

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Otkritie FC Bank nets awards at Bullion Awards

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Yekaterinburg celebrates Heroes of the Fatherland Day

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Officials consider tax breaks for Sverdlovsk industrial parks

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President Putin receives gift of Alexander Shadrin’s artwork

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First successful knee arthroplasty for Sverdlovsk

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German-Russian forum addresses energy concerns

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Yekaterinburg ranked among the top five most attractive Russian cities

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State Duma to re-evaluate fines for traffic violations

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Yekaterinburg Fine Arts Museum re-creating Hermitage offices

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MGIMO hosts annual scientific conference

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Yekaterinburg ranked 11th out of Russia’s cities

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Sverdlovsk region strives to meet Putin’s goals

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SME Investment Fund opens Sverdlovsk region operations

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Yekaterinburg ballet company prepares to tour Europe

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