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Ice to be removed from 19 Sverdlovsk bridges


Led by Prime Minister Denis Pasler, the Sverdlovsk Region Emergency Commission met to develop plans to remove ice from 19 bridges in the Sverdlovsk region. Saying safe travels are crucial to Sverdlovsk’s citizens and its growing economy, officials in the … Read More »

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Sverdlovsk region plans investment offers for China


The Sverdlovsk region’s government has plans to create unique investment offers for companies based in China, according to a recent report from Ural Exhibitions. Sverdlovsk region Gov. Eugene Kuyvashev has made international relations with China a priority during his term. … Read More »

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Sverdlovsk farmers receive over $2 million

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According to a recent report from Oblastnaya Gazeta, farmers living in the Sverdlovsk region have received more than $2 million from Russia’s federal treasury to rebuild their agricultural developments. The funds are part of the 2015 federal budget’s allocation to … Read More »

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Skolkovo technology gains $5 million US investments

Skolkovo technology gains $5 million US investments.

Propell Technologies, a Texas company that holds exclusive rights to a patented clean fracking technology created by a Skolkovo resident, recently received $5 million in investments from Roman Abramovich’s Ervington Investments. The investments are part of a promising future for … Read More »

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URFU assists Kazakhstan’s green economy movement


Kazakhstan plans to implement steps toward a gradual transition into a “green” economy that will be in full effect by 2017. The Research Institute of Ecology Al-Farabi University (KNU) and the Ural Federal University have partnered with innovative companies to … Read More »

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Interfax-Ural press conference on important substitution


The Ural Chamber of Commerce & Industry reports the information agency Interfax-Ural recently called a news conference concerning a mechanical engineering import substitution Leaders at the news conference discussed the difficulties of the import substitution program and how it affects the … Read More »

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Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of the Musical Comedy hosts art events


The Sverdlovsk State Academic Theater of Musical Comedy will host two events Friday. The first event will display the works of artists from Yekaterinburg. Sergei Laushkin’s “citizens” will be a central feature of the exhibit. His pieces illustrate the joys … Read More »

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KULZ will invest over $16 million in repairs


Ural Business Consulting recently reported the Kamensk Uralsky Foundry Plant (KULZ) will invest more than $16 million in repairs to the plant’s custom machinery. The repairs are for specialized machinery at the plant, including friction discs that need to be … Read More »

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Uralgavonzavod Corporation presents at IDEX 2015

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INNOPROM 2015 entries sought

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Uralchem Riga terminal shipped 2 million tons of fertilizer since Dec. 2013

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USU alumnus establishes scholarship fund

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Ural Airlines to offer regular Chelyabinsk-St. Petersburg flight

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Yekaterinburg rental market prices fall

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Ural Airlines offering 30 percent off tickets

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Arcadia Belyavsky earns Blue Bird award

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Sverdlovsk ministry hosts networking meeting to spur investment

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Skolkovo Startup Tour ends 3rd stage

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Sverdlovsk region releases statistics of middle-aged patients in health survey

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International study praises Koltsovo Airport’s passenger service

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Ural State Mining University collaborates with Kyrgyz State Technical University

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RoboCV gains $3 million in investments

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Belarusian engineers to train in Urals

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Uralvagonzavod neighborhood watch stops 270 offenses in Nizhniy Tagil

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Yekaterinburg hosts Build Ural International Exhibition

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Applications for the industry award competition now available

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Recruitment and motivation seminar free to the public

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Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant will sell two black, exhibition-built bulldozers

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Plans underway to celebrate UN’s 70th anniversary

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Yekaterinburg officials discuss implementing road safety

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Ural business refuses to import products

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Federal government to sponsor Sverdlovsk potato breeding

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